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Mrs. Sanghamitra Chatterjee


New Day,New Hope – A candid message to students

My dear young scholars,I write to you today to applaud your spirit in past two years!

Through this catastrophic time,while the world was busy in the battle-field combating all challenges thrown by the Pandemic,you remained as a brave warrior at home. You heartily received the most difficult tasks put forth; you faced a camera with equal cheer every morning. You were the reason schools are upskilled today,matching pace with the world and your presence is the reason we’re able to spread wider wings since 2020.

From the usual school celebrations to the new ones, from the confined boundaries of school to the internet exposure,from the regular academic activities to the ventures equivalent to new age education- schools have tried it all to blend flavours finely, to cater to the need of your young minds.

Exigency in present age is to acquire life skills that add value to one’s character. More you accumulate more confident you become. So,collate this learning to your daily regime and observe the difference as an individual. Some extra empathy, a caring mind, an organized persona,polished mannerism or that self-dependent child of a mother,has the cutting edge to win all hearts.

In coming 15 years or so, you will be engaged in the policy making on environment issues in different parts of the world. It’s you,who will be bringing change in economic propositions,it’s only you who will decide the future of History, Geography and Science on Earth and it’s your strong communication skill that is going to influence people to dream big!!

In that turn of your life, as a change-maker,you will remember your participation in school events which motivated you to think differently.

Remember,there is no replacement for self-discipline in life. Your teachers and the parents are the guiding stars whose light of vision help you to identify the good among all odds, yet it is you who have the choice of choosing the best.

We are ready to receive you once again with equal warmth. Have faith in school-system.


Mrs. Sanghamitra Chatterjee